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Manufactured in California since 1990
Rom Machine
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Rom Machine

Please click here to go to our website for further information about the ROM machine and also to order our free DVD. No, postage, no handling and we do not follow up and pester you to get you to buy our great machine. You have to get there on your own steam, to a point where you are able to take a leap of faith to order a 30 day trial rental to make absolutely certain that our machine delivers exactly as advertised. Over 97% of people that rent the ROM for 30 days will buy it at the end of the 30 day rental. And the full rental amount applies to the purchase price. For some strange reasons that we do not understand, under 3% of the people that rent the ROM do not purchase it and ask us to have it picked up and shipped back to us. It should not happen but it does. But 3% is not bad and it becomes a cost to us of around $1100 per "failed" 30 day rental. It is part of the cost of doing business.

You might think that the ROM machine is new, but we have actually manufactured this machine since 1990. And in that time, we have received quite a bit of free publicity.

Some recent articles have appeared in Esquire, Vanity Fair and Fortune.

Those articles and many others can be found at our "Articles" page on our website.

The ROM machine is certainly the difference between trying to go on an exercise program and failing to have the discipline to stick with it and actually succeeding because 4 minutes does not require a lot of discipline. The results are astoundingly the same as from 60 to 90 minutes of conventional exercise programs.